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Multi Sensorial Experience of Space
The most powerful sales tool for projects and companies with high differentiation and brand recall.

Our service is ideal for visualizing high impact architectural spaces, with the possibility of including Virtual Reality (VR) visualization
With the MUSES package from C Space Creative Studio, you have the power to share the project with your clients wherever they are, providing an immersive experience on a Smartphone, tablet, computer or virtual reality glasses. Not just an image, but a high emotional impact experience to delight your prospects

Stand out with 360 immersive multi sensorial experience

MUSES is 360 degrees and virtual reality (VR) virtual tours of the  project´s relevant space. Consumers explore every single detail all around.  An immersive and emotional experience, but also clearly communicate all aspects of the project to reduce post-sales argues and inconveniences.

Custom tailored user interfaces

Every MUSES system´s interface is responsive on any device, custom designed to fit specific project objectives and branded with identity provided by our clients for the project.

Easy to share everywhere, on any media, any device

Forget about heavy images, bulk emails or ever loading videos that none of your prospects download, grab your project´s MUSE web link and share.  Any social media or messaging app, On any device and any place in the world.